Advantages of the 2K Gold Property

This project is not a Green fields exploration venture. It is defining and expanding the known lode gold sources from the rich multi-decade placer operations. The work to date has already discovered open-ended zones of high grade and bulk tonnage lode gold:

The land that 2K Gold Property covers has produced over 65,000 ounces of gold since 1978 according to Government of Yukon records.

The 2K Gold Property is the source of gold for a rich placer operation that has been working continuously and successfully for three decades.

Significant infrastructure exists to allow immediate access to the 2K Gold Property for exploration.

Little to no prior exploration of the lode claims had been done until Provenance Gold Corp started lode exploration of the claims during the summer of 2016.

Yukon is considered a friendly mining jurisdiction.

The geology, style and structural placement of the known lode gold that has been revealed to date by trenching, sampling and placer mining all indicate a large gold system underlies the property.